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Висина5'4" - 5'6" [160cm - 170cm]
Тежина100 - 120 lbs [46 - 55 kg]
КосаЦрвено коса
ЈазициРуски, Aнглиски
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One Galaxy in Space
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Thank you so much for being with Me!

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Mine House with Swimming Pool! Awesome DREAM !!!!!!!!
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One day Dreams should Come True!
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still no bike?!????!!??
I feel lonely without brand new bike !!!!! :(

One day we wil all be old, some with, some without bike ! :(
I need that damn bike !!!
Why people always lie to me ??? pffffff !!!!!

...And Soon our Russian friend wil make huge babys !! Dipers everywhere !! She wil never be lonely with 5 children to take care of !!:))
We did not have but maybe you may have a chance with them. Those who reads may understand what i mean i hope!!
Maybe I am the biggest on commercial wise that you have lost in years, but you have lost a lot like me. Instead of judging the ones you lost in these years one by one, i suggest you to try to judge your self at least once in your life. Maybe you may find out something!!If not you will continue to loose and will face with your main fear one day!!! A lonely old woman in future, I wish that it will never happen. but it is in your hands to keep at least your current friends.
Ты самая лучшая, клевая, классная!
Ты нежная, милая, просто прекрасная!
Непревзойденная и несравненная,
Ты самая яркая и офигенная!
Эффектная, модная, неотразимая,
Ты самая-самая сердцем любимая!
he Kilroy !!! still waiting for that bike ! :(
Kilroy was here :D
I'm glad you had a great holiday! I am so happy I got to stay! What more can I say? You are a very special lady! Would you be ok if I called you maybe? lol Even though I have to work this week, I wish for others to give you what you seek! Tokens! But, I know I will be back! I will see you soon! Before I hit the sack! lol You are a wonderful and amazing friend! So happy we always get to talk! You make me smile! Even though we are separated by the miles. For you are Ladybigsmile! Thank You! 💋❤
there is a very nice smile
You have beautiful brown eyes! Would you like to eat some fries ? I love it when you dance for all the guys! Why are they all so shy? Don't they know you like their tips? You wear such beautiful clothes! I love when your music flows! Thats all I want to say! I hope you have a nice day!
Roses are red
Violets are blue
I'm lucky to have a friend like you!
Thank You Very MUCH! FOR MY WIN in TOP-100 - !!! That's FANTASTIC! honey2008 - You are So Special!